Quite a busy bee, this Kimon Katafigiotis: since his debut in 2002, "Lucky 13" is his eighth album, with or without backing band The Prophets.

In this new one, he doing a bit of recycling: some of the 13 songs are readmissions or reworkings of songs he released earlier. Kimon choose this time to claim the motto "what you do yourself, you do better": he plays almost all the instruments himself and shows that way especially for gifted guitarist he is. In no time I heard acoustic guitar at such a high level now at Kimon. Whether the guidance is concerned, or blazing solos, the guy can do it all.

Whatever he can, is a pop song together and turn themselves of funky and latin rhythms, or in terms of texts borrowing from the hip. This provides an interesting cocktail, although I have some reservations about the vocals, although Kimon's voice comes pretty close to Elvis Costello, he decides to grow on vocals area. Now, is not that a shame: they are extremely scarce, the do-it-yourselfers who really know each box. Let it be repeated: the guitar playing is impressive and the songs may have decided, without that's why I'm speaking of a masterpiece.

The man is interested in politics, does not mince words and writes songs about just about any topic that comes past his eye. This results in a smooth listenable album, which would be an external producer and a real band. Perhaps been benefited If you have the chance to go listen, start with "Holy War" and "What Happened to Reason?". The rest will follow, or can.

(Translated from Dutch with Google Translate. Read the original article here.)

   -Dani Heyvaert - Rootstime.be, Belgium