Learn Guitar!

I teach beginners by using songs that you already know and want to focus on, learning the chords and strumming to get you playing songs quickly. We'll play along with the beat and learn how to work out the songs by ear. Later, we can explore music theory, scales and improvising, finger and picking techniques, playing speed, open tunings and slide guitar, and even singing and playing at the same time.

Call me at 201-306-3921 or email me at kimon@kimon.tv to schedule your lesson!


Where do you teach?
I teach in my music studio in Rutherford, NJ, and in students' homes up to 1/2 hour away.

How much do you charge? What method(s) of payment do you take?
I charge $50 for each one hour lesson at my studio and $60 if I have to travel a long distance to your home. I can accept cash, checks, credit cards or PayPal at the beginning of each lesson.

What days and times do you teach?
I teach Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 11PM.

What ages do you teach?
I teach students from ten years old to adults

What styles of music do you teach?
We can work on rock, blues, pop, heavy metal, country, folk, and reggae styles.

What aspects of guitar playing do you teach?
Beginners will learn strumming, finger exercises, chords and chord progressions, playing to a rhythm; and as we advance, we'll work on scales and improvising solos, fingerpicking, music theory, singing while accompanying yourself, and more.

How often do you work with your students?
I encourage students to work with me for at least one hour per week, as well as practice at home. The more often that you practice, the faster your progress will be.

Do I need a guitar for my first lesson?
It's not necessary that you have a guitar for your first lesson. If you don't have a guitar yet, you can use one of mine, and we can discuss what would be the best and most economical guitar for you to buy.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please give 48 hour notice to re-schedule a lesson.

Do you teach group lessons?
Lessons are one on one because learning to play guitar is a very individual process and every person learns differently and progresses at their own pace.

I want to sing and play guitar at the same time. Can you help me do that?
I encourage students to sing and play guitar as soon as possible. Developing your singing will help with overall guitar playing including figuring out songs by ear, playing lead and writing your own songs.